Christina is a Senior Digital Analyst committed to exploring how nonprofits can grow their communities by making decisions informed by data.

Since moving north and east to attend NYU, Christina has worked across many different industries, on projects spanning CPG marketing, science communication, and film.

In 2015, she participated in Unilever’s UFLP management program, overseeing the development of a sales tracker that helped inform regional trade spend and product promotion. She has also worked as a researcher for the documentary Resistance at Tule Lake and helped organize three film festivals and two scholarship programs for the science art nonprofit, Imagine Science Films

Since joining the Whole Whale team, Christina has managed accounts, configured analytics and built reporting tools for a number of clients, including Seacology, Fight Colorectal Cancer, and Americares. Much of her work involves identifying key user behaviors online and configuring mechanisms to track the impact of strategies deployed by Whole Whale’s Ads and Content Marketing teams.

After whaling-hours, Christina can be found drawing and making animations. Catch her creations here!