Turtle is Whole Whale’s resident Puppy Whaler and Community Manager. She is eager to learn (assuming an edible incentive is involved), and since joining the team in 2013 has become an expert in sitting, high-fiving, and rolling over. Certified in NX (napping experience), she also serves as the face of Whole Whale’s 404 page.

As Community Manager, Turtle often attends client meetings for quality assurance. She also enjoys attending WWULive events to meet new people, maintain existing relationships, and kick back with a treat and a belly rub.

Turtle is one of Whole Whale’s most sought-after instructors for training nonprofit and social impact professionals on all things digital. She has starred in some of Whole Whale TV’s most popular episodes and is featured in all presentations on A/B testing. Turtle also looks after nonprofits in her role as Data Watchdog at All Good Text and sniffs out bugs in Lighthouse by Whole Whale.

When she isn’t in the office, Turtle can be found posting on Instagram, hiking, or continuing her studies in NX.

Selected Resources Featuring Turtle